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The Oracle

The Oracle

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The whole collection started with this piece.

It came to me during my morning meditation.

"Create a piece that honours and symbolizes your connection to the flow"

My intuition. Divine guidance. The ability that every woman has to tap and tune into the flow of the universe. And so she was created.

The Oracle archetype embodies a deep connection to the spiritual realm and the universal consciousness. She acts as a bridge between the mortal and the divine, channeling higher wisdom and cosmic energy. She is calm, centered, and detached from worldly concerns. She has transcended personal desires and attachments, focusing solely on her role as a conduit for divine knowledge.

She knows the divine delivers messages to her through symbols, signs and totems and is always seeking to understand the meaning of the events and signs and animals that show up in her life. The Oracle represents the importance of intuition, foresight, and spiritual understanding. She serves as a reminder that there are deeper truths and realities beyond the surface level of existence.

Through her wisdom and guidance, she empowers us to tap into our own intuition and embrace their spiritual journey, ultimately leading them towards enlightenment, self-discovery, and a deeper connection with the divine.

This is your chance to bring this portal into your home to honour your own connection to the divine.

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Why Feminine Archetype Wall Art?

The female archetypes act as sacred parts of your psyche that hold power and wisdom to channel and guide your energy.

Use them as totems, altars and honourings to express and nurture your connection to yourself and aspects of your feminine expression.

Which resonates with you?