Your Own Personal Piece.

It all starts with your journey.

My work is heavily informed by my own psychedelic journeys and I personally know the value of having something to connect you back to the visions and messages you receive during these other-worldly experiences.

As time passes, experiences can easily fade away. Taking the time to encapsulate the experience in a custom piece of art that you can place in a significant space, can create a sort of altar, a safe space to come back to, to reflect and reconnect with the feelings and clarity that come from these trips.

Clients have noted the eery ability I have to accurately express and portray the visions they share with me

I’ve even used this talent to connect with those who have passed on and create very personal pieces to commemorate a loved one.

Whatever your desire, we will work together to create something special with meaning that will be uniquely yours for your lifetime.

Just drop me a line on Facebook Messenger or Instagram and we can start the conversation.