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A World Within

A World Within

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My beautiful step-daughter, also named Ella, is also… a budding little artist.

We sometimes like to make digital art together.

She has INSISTED that we make available for you have in your home.

She is very entrepreneurial and I absolutely want to encourage this. I also encourage her to express her emotions and art is something she likes to do this with.

We created this together starting with the feeling of ‘excited’ which is what she told me she felt today as we were spending time together as a family - obviously this makes my heart sing.

We, The Ellas, are excited to share ‘A World Within’ with you…. 👽🪐

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To help you make the right choice with sizing, here is a mockup of the different sizes in a room.

If you want to add a mount the size listed for each picture frame refers to the size of the glaze and does not include the width of the picture frame.
For example, A4 prints without a mount will fit an A4 glaze exactly, but prints with a mount will be smaller than A4 to fit the mount window opening.


Why not add a frame to have your piece arrive ready to hang?!

Available to order in black, white or natural my picture frames come with a durable Perspex glaze which is a brilliant and safer alternative to glass. It also makes your piece much more lightweight to hang.

All framed pieces are shipped in a durable, padded cardboard packaging.

Premium Paper

All my artwork is printed on a premium quality heavyweight fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish. This museum-quality paper is extremely consistent and works really well with the detailed and colourful nature of my work.
The matte finish emphasises different highlights and tones.