Do you remember when you started a new chapter?

Those feelings of excitement, apprehension...a leap into the unknown.

The last few months I've been channeling a new piece.

It's been coming straight from my womb centre.
It's been an inner blossoming.

I think it's been part of the process of allowing a rebirth of sorts.

Of letting go of an old way of being...of embracing new chapters.

New chapters that celebrate ALLOWING.

When I connect with the women in my community, I'm always hearing stories of transition and transformation.

I'm blown away by their strength and faith.

My invitation is that this piece be a celebration of rebirth and recreation.

Of the innate feminine wisdom that guides us each day to make choices and decisions that support our best and highest self.

And the purity and the tapestry of life's cyclical nature and the profound dance of regeneration.

Each of the elements that make it have come to me without effort.

As I've explored the meanings of each of them the essence of the piece has become clearer.

So has it's purpose.

It will be (very) limited edition.

I feel this piece is to be special.

To be treasured.

Only a few in existence.

So once I've issued my editions, the files will be destroyed and there won't be any more created.

Over the next few weeks I'll be exploring finishes and papers to highlight and best showcase the elements and their frequencies.